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Benefits of Investing in Land

Low Costs of Ownership – When you invest in land, unlike other forms of real estate, you don’t have to worry about any unexpected maintenance costs due to things breaking or being destroyed by unruly tenants. The only real costs are yearly property taxes, which are usually very minimal since the county assigns a low tax assessed value to raw land.

Easy to Understand – You don’t have to worry about stock market crashes, rising interest rates, or other global economic conditions you can’t control or understand. With land, you can take comfort in knowing that you are investing your money in a tangible asset that you can see, touch and truly understand.

You Can Enjoy It – Land is the only investment that you can actually enjoy while owning it. If you buy a share in a stock, you can’t do anything with it, except stare at it and pray the price goes up. When you own land, you can use it for camping, park an RV on it, hunting, fishing, or build a vacation/retirement home. The opportunities are really only limited by your imagination.

Land Lasts Forever – Land is the only investment that truly lasts, nobody can ever steal or damage this asset that you own. You can confidently pass it down to your children and grandchildren and know that they are inheriting a valuable piece of property that they can continue to enjoy for generations.

Scarcity Means Opportunity – Land is the only asset we know of that is truly scarce in this world. As the population continues to grow, raw land will continue to appreciate and become more valuable with the passage of time. As Mark Twain famously said “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore”.

Customer Reviews

Finally made it for our first bbq. Great view great food and all thanks to the great experience with land Parker. Great guy great experience. I would definitely buy through them again.
Merle Dunaway
Merle Dunaway
I’m so thankful we found LandParker when we did! We just finished our payments on our land. This whole process has been so simple and very affordable, and now we own our dream property! Thank you for all your help, Scott!
Blair Zellner
Blair Zellner
Thank you Scott Thomas for the opportunity. If you’re in the market to buy land, this guy has contracts that are very simple and he’s great with communication. Very happy about my purchase. LandParker is where it’s at!
Sidney Wayne Frank
Sidney Wayne Frank
I’m so happy with the property!! I had never bought land before purchasing from Scott. It was simple and he’s great to deal with. I’m so thankful that I came across his information. He’s made it possible and easy for me to have land to leave to my children and their children which brings me great joy and peace. The property is fantastic and the views are spectacular. Scott, thank you for the service that you offer 😁
Angela Donovan
Angela Donovan
I discovered LandParker and Scott Thomas a year ago on Facebook. I was looking at several properties in the Nevada area but I waited too long and missed out. Scott actually found me another property in the area to buy AND negotiated 12 month terms so I could own it quickly. I cannot recommend Scott enough for being straightforward and honest. I've told him before that he might think he's just selling real estate, but for me and many others he's providing a chance to truly live the American Dream by owning land. I now have a beautiful acreage right in front of the Ruby Mountains. Looking forward to my next purchase!
John JT Newton
John JT Newton
I absolutely love my land! The process was straight forward and they're super easy to work with! I plan on purchasing more properties from Land Parker in the very near future for sure!
Lillie Green
Lillie Green
Buying land from Scott Parker has been a pleasure he is a great business person . He has made the process available to people that would not otherwise be available usual real estate market . I highly recommend looking into buying property from him if you're interested in owning property
Melissa Mahl
Melissa Mahl
I bought a 5 acre lot from Scott about a month ago, out of the blue,, without seeing the property or even ever being in that part of Colorado. I was nervous at first thinking what did I do signing up for payment....( Great payment plan by the way and contract was spot on, simple to understand, short and sweet, and to the point) But I went out there and stayed the night and all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful open fields just ready for fun. I brought along my dirt bikes and john boat and had the best dirt biking I have done yet in Colorado!!! and the best fishing I've done!!! The throw back for pike is anything less than 24" Thats 2 Feet!! and its right up the road!!!! Its an absolute keeper for me. Thank you Scott and LandParker for the Great Opportunity!!!!
Jer Bear
Jer Bear
I want to thank MR Scott Thomas for a wonderful experience with buying land from him he's an amazing businessman very kind, understanding and very willing to get you everything that you want. I appreciate him and I will recommend him to all my friends and family most of all he guarantees his work he's very honest and trustworthy thanks again mr. Scott !!!! My family and I are very excited about our new land
Sharon Lee
Sharon Lee
Scott Thomas is incredible!!! He cares about his customers.. He is very transparent, upfront and honest!! Scott not only has the best prices, but he is so knowledgeable about the properties and the areas!! He provides a smooth transaction while being reasonable and understanding. I will be a customer for life!!!! Thanks Scott for everything!!!
Joe Zampko
Joe Zampko
5 stars wish I could give 10 ! Scott is just awesome he’s there for you to reach out , prices are right and it is just that easy ! Overjoyed with our land and the convenience in purchasing .
Camille Cast
Camille Cast
Awesome experience buying land from scott..its so easy and painless, he's a real deal. Easiest transaction ever.. Thanks Scot.
Leilani Gorospe Bugtong
Leilani Gorospe Bugtong
I bought 2 acres of land and I did my homework beforehand. Totally on the level. Great land, great price.
Jeffrey Lavallee
Jeffrey Lavallee
Scott Thomas is a great guy.i purchased land from him a couple of months ago.this was my first purchase of land.he made the deal simple and was very patient with all my questions.i hope to make another deal with him for more land in the future.
Josh Frazier
Josh Frazier
Scott made it very simple to buy the land and if something was to be done he was instantly on it. Thanks
Josh Miller
Josh Miller
Scott Thomas made it so easy for us to get our land we have wanted after looking and looking we came across a post of land for sale. We messaged him he answered all our questions, was willing to get on the phone with us. He also made it very easy with the payments, he is the guy to go to!!! We are excited and so happy we bought from him. Thanks again!!
Kaitlin Hernandez
Kaitlin Hernandez
My husband and I purchased land from Scott Thomas several months ago. His website is user friendly and quite informative. He has proven himself to be very helpful and accommodating, and his financing options are perfect for any person's need. Thanks Scott Thomas!
Blair Zellner
Blair Zellner
I was looking for property that was away from everything and saw a post from Scott Thomas. I took a look and sent him a message. He was so helpful and willing to work with me to get exactly what I wanted. I am so happy with my choice. I really thank him for helping me out and I will definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Scott.
Patty Reyes
Patty Reyes
ok, ive found my paradise oasis.....where's yours? 40 acres for 10 gran.. or 3,000 for 2=6 acres..yup ;)
Dawn Michelle Davis
Dawn Michelle Davis
Great company giving great opportunities to people to own land and a very reasonable price just purchased 5 acres in elko Nevada and can't wait to start developing if u have the chance I would jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity
Jeff N Sherry Fleming
Jeff N Sherry Fleming

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Easy Financing

Everybody Qualifies – We won’t run a credit or background check. Make the down payment, sign the paperwork, and the property is yours!

Flexible Payment Terms – Each property listing has financing options listed, or we can also setup a payment schedule that fits your unique budget.

No Hidden Fees – The price you see is exactly what you will pay each month, there are never any hidden or unexpected fees.

No Pre-Payment Penalty – We encourage you to pay off the outstanding balance as fast as possible and will never charge a penalty for doing so.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Maximize Land Investment with Leverage

Leverage allows a real estate investor to realize the full benefits from their property increasing in value, while only having to use a small portion of their own cash. The power of leverage is using other people’s money (borrowed) to maximize your profits.

Here are two examples to illustrate how it works:

Example 1: You have $10,000 to invest, so you purchase a property for $10,000 in cash. The property increases in value the first year by 10%, and is now worth $11,000. The second year, it also increases in value by 10%, so it is now worth $12,100. You have a two-year gain of $2,100 on your original investment of $10,000, which is a compounded annual growth rate of 10%, not too bad.

Example 2 – use leverage: You decide to use financial leverage and only put $1,000 down on the same $10,000 property. As in the first example, the property is now worth $12,100 after two years. But since you used leverage, you now have a two-year gain of $2,100 on your original investment of only $1,000. This is a compounded annual growth rate of 248%, this is the true power of financial leverage in real estate investing!

At we proudly encourage all customers to take full advantage of real estate leverage in their next property investment. All of our properties have affordable financing options with a low down payment, and low monthly payments. There are no pre-approvals or credit checks needed. Simply pick out the property you want and get started today.

"Buy Land, They're Not Making It Anymore"

- Mark Twain

"Buy Land, They're Not Making It Anymore" - Mark Twain

"Land Really Is The Best Art"

- Andy Warhol

"Land Really Is The Best Art" - Andy Warhol

"Don't Wait to Buy Land, Buy Land and Wait"

- Will Rogers

"Don't Wait to Buy Land, Buy Land and Wait" - Will Rogers

"Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It Will Never Fail You."

- Frank Lloyd Wright

"Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay Close to Nature. It Will Never Fail You." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"If You Truly Love Nature, You Will Find Beauty Everywhere"

- Vincent Van Gogh

"If You Truly Love Nature, You Will Find Beauty Everywhere" - Vincent Van Gogh

"How We Spend Our Days Is, Of Course, How We Spend Our Lives"

- Annie Dillard

"How We Spend Our Days Is, Of Course, How We Spend Our Lives" - Annie Dillard

"Look Deep Into Nature, and Then You Will Understand Everything Better"

- Albert Einstein

"Look Deep Into Nature, and Then You Will Understand Everything Better" - Albert Einstein